From particles to function

Develop your functionalized material structure with us exactly tailored to your application! We offer the right equipment for your development coupled with supporting know-how for each process step from powder synthesis to the ready-to-use dispersion or high-performance granulate.

Be ready to deliver immediately after product development! We have production capacities for the contract production of your products available. You prefer to produce on your own? No problem, we design, deliver and built your specific production facility and assist you with our engineering services, even to building a completely new factory.

Take advantage of our potential for particle design! Particle design hereby represents our competency of developing innovative particle systems specifically for high-performance applications, to functionalize them and convert them to ready-to-use product forms.
Our innovative technologies permit the targeted setting of material properties concretely according to your specifications. This allows us to even configurate particles with combinations of properties previously not accessible.

We are the ideal partner with the development, manufacturing, processing and application of complex particle systems.

  • Innovative technology for the exact configuration of material properties
  • Professional R&D service for application-specific product development
  • Contract production according to top quality standards on a scale of tons
  • Plant engineering, engineering and technology transfer, including worldwide support and service