Furnish your applications with the desired functions in a targeted manner. We offer the required technology and the know-how for the exact design of material structures. This will provide you with solutions for the increasing requirements on handling, functionality and complexity of your materials.

The worldwide increasing demands on the functionality and service life of components, devices and appliances leads to constantly new challenges in material and substance development across the entire value-adding chain.

Our capabilities allow you controlling the product properties of solids though specific settings, impacting or changing the particle structure, particle composition as well as particle surface properties. Custom-tailored products with a wide range of applications and great economic potential can be manufactured in this manner or even new application sectors can be tapped or developed.

Design the particle systems you need together with us, for example, exactly in the right scale - whether in the nano or macro range - and add desired functions. In addition, benefit from our know-how with the further processing of the particle systems. We'll be glad to modify your material systems to allow simple integration into the product matrix. Just contact us.

We are working, for example, at the following typical tasks:

  • Simplification of production processes through new process engineering/machine-assisted solutions, 
  • New development of manufacturing methods for particles with critical processing, 
  • Utilisation of nano particles for innovative applications, 
  • Substitution of expensive raw materials through sustained available alternatives with the same or improved performance parameters, 
  • making the introduction of function additives into carrier systems for effective, 
  • Conversion to easy-to-use and application-ready formats and thus guaranteeing the properties of functionalising particle systems from processing to application